What are the Lenders Outside the Bank? | Loans

Citizens in need of cash and having difficulty in obtaining loans from the bank want to be informed about the places that give loans outside the bank.

In order to withdraw credit, your credit rating and credit record must be clean

In order to withdraw credit, your credit rating and credit record must be clean

You will also need to have a credit, credit card or overdraft account in the last 5 years and have made your payments regularly. We have also explained in previous articles how credit can be attracted by those with low credit ratings.

However, those who have not fulfilled both of the aforementioned situations and who wish to take out loans may receive assistance from some financial, factoring companies and jewelers who provide loans outside the bank.

With the new legal arrangement, people who cannot get credit from banks can receive loans from financial companies or designated companies provided that they meet certain criteria.

For example; Best Finance is a member of Best Finance Holding and provides loans to people when they wish to purchase the vehicle brands they own. At the same time, the companies established by such large holding companies are both reliable and legally subject to auditing, so you don’t need to feel any distrust.

It is possible to reach the list of companies that can receive credits outside the bank


On the other hand, these companies are categorized as follows:

  • Financial leasing institutions 
  • Legally registered factoring agencies
  • Financial institutions and financing companies 
  • Holding 
  • Turkey representative offices of foreign banks
  • Asset management companies
  • Payment agencies

How are these institutions borrowed?


These companies provide their cash needs under their own credit. It is possible to meet your needs without going to the bank with the loans that can be used in exchange for promissory notes and with certain interest rates.

Although these companies are large, they are still obliged to ask you some documents, such as a bank. There is also no obligation to provide credit support to everyone. Therefore, if you meet the necessary conditions, you can get credit from these places.