Payday loans for 30 days – where to get them?

 A moment of forgetfulness, unplanned expenses or just not having the payment at the end of the month? Payday loans for 30 days can help you in these situations. This is one of the solutions proposed by non-bank financial institutions to patch the hole in the budget. Where to get it What does it consist of? What are the repayment terms? Porthos answers these questions.

30 days loan

30 days loan

Payday loan is one of the characteristic forms of financial support provided by loan companies. The short waiting time for the lender’s decision guarantees us the necessary funds even within 15 minutes after submitting the application. If you need a small amount of funding, you should consider getting a short-term loan. By limiting the formalities to a minimum and moving the application procedure to the internet, it will take you a few minutes to complete the application. You don’t have to stand in long lines and deal with the problem of always missing documents. How it’s possible? Read on.

Below are selected offers of payday loans online for 30 days, which according to our experts are characterized by the best conditions. If you are interested in using one of the products, just click “Submit Application” and after a while you will be directed to the lender’s website.

30-day loans – when will they be a good solution?

30-day loans - when will they be a good solution?

If we are considering taking out payday loans, we must consider two dependencies. The first is the consequence of a short repayment period, i.e. the relatively low maximum amount of the liability. Considering the fact that the reimbursement takes place after 30 days, we cannot apply for such high amounts as in the case of installment loans. Usually the value of payday pay will not exceed several thousand zlotys. In addition, as new customers we have limited room for maneuver and only with subsequent applications will we be able to choose higher sums. Currently, the highest amount offered by companies with the first loan is $ 6,000 in Goodacomp..

We also need to note that repayments are made after 30 days, usually in the form of a one-off transfer. Therefore, we need to think about whether it will be real for us to collect the amount needed in a month. If not, then you should think about another form of financial support to avoid the consequences of late repayment.

According to experts, loans for 30 days will be a good solution for people whose needs are relatively small. If our needs exceed the maximum amount of free payday pay, then it is worth thinking about spreading the commitment in installments. Regardless of the attractiveness of the offer, we advise against reaching for two products of this type at the same time. Why? This increases the risk of late performance of the contract, which may result in the payment of late fees. In such situations, it may involve costs higher than any fees for crediting a long-term loan.

However, if the crisis is temporary, and according to our home budget after 30 days we will be able to repay the commitment within a certain time, we can take advantage of the above offer ensuring the highest amount available on the market for new customers. A loan for a month guarantees a quick inflow of needed cash and no additional costs when applying for the first time. Thanks to this, we can not only cover current expenses, but also save money, which in the case of a standard offer we would have to spend on repayment costs. This is a good solution, provided that you can meet your commitment on time.

Payday loan for 30 days – how to choose?

Payday loan for 30 days - how to choose?

Currently, there are a lot of companies on the market that ensure that their offer is the fastest and on good terms. However, as you know, they can’t all be number one. How to choose the best payday loan for us? There are several ways, and it’s best to combine them.

  1. The first step is to determine your needs and financial capabilities. Take a look at your home budget and set the amount you can spend to pay the debt. If you do not have a statement of expenses and income, we recommend creating it on a piece of paper or using an excel sheet.
  2. The second step will be to use the loan comparator. On the Porthos platform, you can choose the amount and the repayment date you want using the sliders. After determining these parameters, we will get a list of all companies with a loan that matches our preferences. We browse the list and select several companies that most met our expectations.
  3. Then, in order to confirm the correctness of our choices, we can review the available rankings and see where the selected companies rank.
  4. The fourth step will be to review the offers and conditions for borrowers. Each company can have individual criteria, so you must check, among others, the required age. Then let’s get acquainted with the consequences of late repayment. You never know what situation you’ll be in after a month.
  5. Commitment costs are also an important element. We got acquainted with them during the selection of the offer using the loan comparison engine, however, it is worth further verifying the potential costs now and when submitting the application.
  6. If we have additional questions, let’s go to the “Questions and Answers” section, where we will find the most popular customer stories. When among them we do not find answers regarding the issue that bothers us, let’s contact the customer advisor who is at our disposal at the helpline number indicated on the lender’s website.

After completing these six steps, we should no longer have a problem making a choice.

Free loan for 30 days

Free loan for 30 days

When verifying the costs, it is worth paying attention to the possibility of using the promotional offer of the first free loan. It has almost become a standard on the payday market, which is why it is very likely that the company we have chosen will also have it. However, if the amount covered by the promotion does not meet our expectations, it is worth resuming the search. What is a 30 day free loan? This is a discount granted by lenders to their new clients. Thanks to it, we don’t have to worry about repayment costs, because they are eliminated thanks to the APRC 0%.

Standard loan costs include interest, commission, preparation fee and administration fee. Depending on the company, all of the above-mentioned fees or only some of them may apply. However, we always get interest.

Payday loan for 30 days – how to infer?

Payday loan for 30 days - how to infer?

As already mentioned, payday loans are characterized by short waiting times and reduced formalities to a minimum. Lenders meet clients who are tired of standing in long queues and reporting missing papers. No documents other than an ID are required to take advantage of the loan companies offer.

  • We go to the lender’s website, where the virtual calculator is located. Use the sliders to choose the amount and repayment date. For example, payday payable for 30 days in the amount of $ 2,000.
  • We check the cost of the loan. If everything is correct, click “Submit Application”. At this point we will be redirected to the page where the form is located.
  • To complete the application we will need personal data, contact details, address and information about your ID card. We check that all data is correct. Then we send the application.
  • We will now be required to verify your identity. By means of a verification transfer or a special application.

The fourth step was the last. Now we have to wait for the lender’s decision. If it is positive, the payday payday will be in our account even within a dozen or so minutes. The maximum waiting time may be one business day.

For whom payday pay for 30 days?

For whom payday pay for 30 days?

As we have already mentioned, payday loans for 30 days assume repayment in the form of a one-off payment to the lender’s account. Therefore, before submitting the application, we should carefully analyze our financial capabilities and answer the question whether we will be able to repay the commitment within the prescribed period. Depending on the offer, the requirements for borrowers may vary. However, standard payday loans for 30 days are for new customers only. This means that we cannot have any active or already repaid liability in a given company. If we have one, then we undertake to cover costs such as commission, interest and preparation fee. In turn, free payday loans for 30 days guarantee that you will receive the money you need on the terms of APRC 0%. By borrowing $ 1000, we return exactly the same amount after one month.

What conditions must we meet when applying for payday loans for 30 days? First of all, every customer must be at least 18 years old. Before submitting your application, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the lender’s specific requirements, as some introduce higher age limits, for example 21 years. It is also necessary to have full legal capacity. When filling out the form, you will be asked to provide your ID number and series. Therefore, let us make sure that we do not miss the expiry date.

In addition, the 30-day payday assumes an obligation to verify your identity, which often requires having a bank account. It will also be used to perform the contract, i.e. transfer the amount requested. To improve contact between the lender and the customer, we will be required to provide a phone number and email address. Many loan companies implement the idea of ​​responsible lending. This means that we will also be checked for creditworthiness. Therefore, it will be necessary to have a positive history in the BIK and BIG registers and a regular source of income.

At this point, the question may arise, what about the offer of payday loans for 30 days without BIK? They are possible if we meet one of three conditions. The first of them is a negative entry indicating already repaid debt, and its activity results from a long time of data storage in the database. The second is the issue of the lack of any information, which results in a low scoring score. The last option is an entry for a small amount of debt, which is the result of our inattention or temporary financial problems.

If we meet the above criteria, we can apply for a free payday loan for 30 days or a loan on standard terms.

Payday loans for 30 days – payday offers

Payday loans for 30 days - payday offers

One of the companies offering the opportunity to receive a free payday payday is Metloan. We can apply for amounts from 300 to 3000 $. With the next loan, the maximum value will increase to $ 5,000. The repayment deadline is from 14 to 30 days. To obtain a loan, you must be at least 20 years old, have a regular income, Polish citizenship, ID card, telephone number, e-mail address, active bank account and a positive credit history.

What is the process of applying for a loan from A to Z? We already know! We conducted a Metloan loan test.

The second example company is Wonga. The lender offers its clients financial support from 50 to 1 500 $. The repayment period can vary from 1 to 60 days. In this case, we cannot apply for a free loan, but the only fee will be a commission of only $ 10.

How long does it take to get a response? What does the loan application process really look like? We checked! See our Wonga loan test.

Another company that offers payday loans is Manyporfel. In this case, the loan amount can range from 100 to 6000 $. The repayment period is from 5 to 45 days. To obtain a loan, you must be at least 21 years old, have Polish citizenship, place of residence in Poland and an ID card.

An Manyporfel loan application has appeared in our loan test cycle. How to apply for payday loans in this company? We explain step by step.

For 30 days, Lenderspo is also available. This is a suitable offer for people who need between $ 100 and $ 3,000. The repayment deadline is up to 45 days. New customers can take advantage of the first free loan. On the other hand, with subsequent applications, the lender allows applications for up to $ 6,000.