Frugal Friezes Groningers More Often Choose Appropriate Car Insurance Coverage

Economical Frisians and Groningers more often opt for adequate coverage for their car insurance than more lavish South Hollanders. This is apparent from an analysis of more than 3,000 motor insurance policies taken out by the independent comparator Ross Ladmark . ‘Frisians and Groningers are apparently more aware of the coverage of their car insurance. It appears that residents of the northern provinces are therefore less often overinsured for their cars, “explains Eric Chaine of Ross Ladmark .


South Holland and Flevoland stereotype lavish?

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There are major differences between the provinces. In the northern provinces (Groningen, Friesland and Noord-Holland), people less often choose all-risk coverage for their car aged 4 years or older. On the other hand, South Holland, Drenthe and Flevoland often opt for all-risk coverage for their cars. The differences increase quickly.


Women more cautious in choosing higher coverage

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Differences are not only noticeable between the provinces. We also see a difference between men and women. Men are more in control than women and more often opt for suitable coverage than women, because only 30% of men opted for all-risk coverage for their older car. Of the women, 35% opted for higher coverage for their car aged 4 or older. Gender Percentage of too high coverage (Male 30% Female 35%) These are the people who have chosen a higher coverage than the age of their car.


When is coverage too high?

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Dutch car owners must insure their car at least for third-party liability. They can extend this coverage with a limited body or all-risk coverage. All-risk coverage is especially suitable for young cars up to 4 years old. If a car is older, this high coverage is less interesting due to the low daily value. Yet many people from South Holland opt for this coverage. Eric Chaine: ‘A part of the Netherlands probably opts for all-risk coverage for their old car, because they have taken out a loan for the purchase of their car. If they were to drive their car in total loss, they would not have a car, but still have a debt to repay. With an all-risk coverage, they will at least receive the current value and they can still buy a car. ” Calculate the daily value of the car


Coverage check

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To help Dutch people choose their car insurance coverage, Ross Ladmark is introducing the coverage check. Compare car insurance.